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Media facade on lease

Leasing («to lease» — to rent out (English)) – a kind of financial services, a crediting form of acquisition of fixed assets by enterprises.

In complex, ever-changing conditions of economic development, obtaining credits is difficult, and often is not profitable for a business. Attracting long-term investments is a serious problem for any enterprise.

Leasing (finance lease) is the most effective form of crediting for business development.

It gives the possibility of expanding production basis, implementation of new, modern technologies in the manufacturing, increasing the enterprise fixed assets, acquisition of the newest of equipment.

What is the main idea of leasing? A leasing company acquires the equipment into ownership and transmits it to the use by a lessee for a period agreed by the parties. Besides, a supplier of the equipment is selected exactly by the lessee – the consumer of the financial service. During the term of the contract, the lessee pays the cost of the purchased equipment, including remuneration for the use of leasing. At the end of the contract and payment of the agreed amount, the equipment becomes the property of the lessee. A pledge, as in the case of a credit, at leasing deal is not required, a long-term installment plan significantly reduces the payout and allows to dispose the released funds of the company optimally.

The uniqueness of leasing is that it combines the characteristics of a long-term lease and financial loan. The benefits of this type of investment activity for the lessee:

  • Leasing allows to reduce taxable base of the company, as payments on the leasing contract are included in the cost, the result will be a reduction in income tax;
  • The value added tax (VAT) is to offset;
  • As a result of the accelerated amortization of leasing object the amount of the property tax is considerably reduced.

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