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Radial LED screens

LED screens for decoration of commercial and entertainment centers.

Perception from
1.5 м
Brightness up to, cd/m2
Warranty up to
5 лет
Pixel pitch from
2.5 - 16 mm
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  • 1.000 m
  • 50.000 m
  • 1.000 m
  • 5.000 m
  • 2.5 mm
  • 16 mm
  • 1.5 m
  • 12 m

Radial LED screen

To run a business without advertising is like to catch a black cat in a dark room. There will be no result!

As often happens, liquidity of advertising space, which is guaranteed to provide attention of a potential consumer, has seemingly unsuitable for installation of LED characteristics: the curvature of the surface, the angle of a building, a concave or convex surface of the facade. Atriums in shopping malls is the most striking example of a "difficult" surfaces. However, on the surface of any shape it is possible to install LED screens.

What is a radial screen?

To manufacture a radial screen first of all, there is manufactured a body repeating the surface radius. The structure contains power units, power and communication commutations. Then, onto the body be means of magnets they mount LED modules which body is made with special inside inclinations under a certain angle, which allows to include them into a solid seamless LED panel. In addition, we note the smaller is pixel pitch, correspondingly, the module size, the greater the bending of the screen can be achieved.

Radial LED screen, photo 1

Radial LED screen, photo 1

Radial LED screen, photo 2

Radial LED screen, photo 2

Radial LED screen, photo 3

Radial LED screen, photo 3

Radial screen with internal radius

Likewise screen is made with an inner radius. Modules of LED screen «turn» facing each other at a slight angle, allowing reaching the required bending of screen. It is important to understand that in some cases the surface, to which you want to place a LED screen, may not be appropriate for this type of equipment. In such cases, we recommend using an alternative solution – pixel media facade. Radial screens have the same properties as conventional LED screens for use in indoors and and outdoors: a wide range of pixel pitch for comfortable viewing from any distance, the technology for manufacturing modules of LED screen with DIP or SMD diodes, a broad band of brightness and contrast, comfortable viewing angles both horizontally and vertically, low power consumption, control of screen and downloading of content.

Technical features

In the manufacture and installation of LED radial screens, it is important to consider such details as, protection from snow and ice which at a fall can damage your screen. Also, when erecting a radial screen it is important to ensure high quality design of the side surfaces of the screen with the use of modern, high-quality composite materials.

Most part of companies cannot offer for an outdoor radial video screen a class of protection of the face surface more than IP54. The manufacturing company "Mediafacade» successfully applies assembly of this type of equipment at the level of IP65 from the "face".

The company «Media facade» manufactures all products (LED modules, blocks of media facades and video pixels) at manufacturing workshop in China, Shenzhen. Production facility in Russia enables assembly of finished products of any complexity and deliver to the client. Also, the manufacturer "Mediafacade" can perform any task on "turnkey" basis - from delivery to assembly and commissioning.

Specialists of our company will always help and support in any issue and help to choose the right solution for the problem. To contacts the specialists, you can dial a free number in Russia +7 (499) 703-05-04, to submit a request by e-mail or to write in the online chat.

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