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Acryl media facades

Recommended size from 2,88 х 2,08 m (288 x 208 px)

Transparency up to
Brightness up to, cd/m2
Image capture from
7,5 м
Warranty up to
8 years
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Calculation of cost of acryl media facades

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  • 3.500 m
  • 25.000 m
  • 3.500 m
  • 25.000 m
  • 10 mm
  • 20 mm
  • 7 m
  • 15 m

Acryl media facades

Doing business without advertising is as good as catching a black cat in a dark room. There will be no result!

Modern shopping centers offer rental space and advertising space for any business. Of course, advertising on the facade of the building - an important step in attracting consumers, but what about the supply of information inside the building. A huge number of brands similar in content and the outer design, very limited advertising space inside the mall does not give you the opportunity to stand out from the competitors. In order to offer a new product or promotions often the entrepreneurs have to deal with additional expenses in the form of expensive (and not always effective) advertising on TV and radio. But there is a solution!

Acryl media facade, 16 pitch, photo 1

Acryl media facade, 16 pitch, photo 1

What is acryl media facades?

Another way to offer relevant information to the consumer (promotions, discounts, prifitable offers) is installation of acryl media facades. This kind of media facades is ideal for installation solely on the glass surface. Versatility in application (outdoor and indoor) is achieved through fixation on the inside surface of the glass from the building. Thus, acryl media facades is suitable for your advertising both from inside the shopping center, and from outside, where there is a glass facade.

Installation of acryl media facades

Low weight allows to install it on any glass surface. Acryl media facades perfect for viewing from short distances, thanks to the pixel pitch of 10 mm. The low weight from 13.5 kg and a high translucency up to 75%, makes it possible to use dynamic and static content with a light mode of information change 24/7 - additional advantages compared to traditional forms of advertisements.

>Acryl media facade, 20 pitch, installation

Acryl media facade, 20 pitch, installation

When mounting the acryl media facades there is no need to install additional bulky and heavy structures. Installation is carried out by installing of special fasteners using a UV-curable adhesive on the glass, where acryl media facade itself is to be installed.

Transparency and light transmission of acryl media facades is its key advantage when placed on the glass surface, as it almost completely transmits light from outside and does not block the overview from inside.

The company "media facades" manufactures all products (LED modules, blocks of media facades and video pixels) in its own production in China, Shenzhen. The production department in Russia allows for the assembly of finished products of any complexity for subsequent shipment to the customer. Also, the manufacturing company "Media facade" can perform any task on the "turnkey" basis - from the delivery of a product up to installation and commissioning works.

Cost of media facades

Cost of media facades consists of the following parameters:

  • The size (the larger the area of media facades, the lower is the cost of 1m2);
  • Brightness (there is day and night executions);
  • The distance between pixels (direct correlation of image resolution and image quality);
  • Installation height (affects the cost of installation and the required amount of special equipment for installation);
  • The type of components used;

Specialists of the company "Media facade" will always help and support at any issue and will assist you at selection of a right solution for a tesk set. To contact with the specialists, you can call the number +7 (499) 703-05-04, to submit an e-mail request or to write in the online chat.

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