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Digital supersites

Recommended size from 15,04 х 4,96 m (288 x 190 px)

Perception from
3 м
Brightness up to, cd/m2
Warranty up to
5 years
Pixel pitch from
4 - 20 mm
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  • 1.500 m
  • 10.000 m
  • 1.500 m
  • 15.000 m
  • 4 mm
  • 20 mm
  • 3 m
  • 15 m

Digital supersite

In big cities and metropolitan areas a huge number of shopping malls and large stores are usually located at a sufficiently remote distance from the main roads and motorways. Placing large signs and other elements at a building designed to attract the consumer's attention, no longer bring desired results due to their "obsolescence". In this case, it is necessary to identify one’s location and to provide such promotional information that will interest a potential customer long before he reaches the exit to the point of sale.

As a rule, the business owners have to constantly pay enormous sums for placing static advertisements on billboards. The disadvantage of this solution is: a rare change of slides and a very limited amount of information posted. The most correct and logical solution to this problem is to install LED advertising supersite (Digital supersite).

What is a supersite?

Supersite (super board) is a large-scale structure, used in outdoor advertising. Location on a high support helps highlight the advertised product, and also allows seeing the advertising image from a distance. The most common sizes of advertising surface of supersites: 15 x 5 m, 12 x 3 m and 12 x 4 m. Depending on the needs, LED screens can be placed from two or three sides of a structure.

Free frequency of change of the dynamic content, the ability to display videos of different durations on an advertising LED supersite provides many capabilities for the owner among advertisers, as well as provision of advertising space for completely different budgets.

Digital supersite, view 1

Digital supersite, view 1

Digital supersite, view 2

Digital supersite, view 2

How to select supersite?

In order to select a correct video screen for advertising supersite, it is necessary to decide on location and a distance of viewing. These parameters will be determined by the type of servicing, DIP or SMD modules and attachment method. Servicing of LED video screen can be of two main types: front and rear ones. For LED advertising supersites of large size, it is more convenient to organize servicing from the rear side.

Usually at use of servicing from the rear side, a cabinet (block) assembly is used. The cabinets are manufactured from steel, aluminum composite panels with load-bearing structure from steel, aluminum, that ensures the rigidity of a LED screen and its high level of performance with dust and water protection IP65/IP67 from the front surface.

DIP и SMD modules

To assemble a LED video screen, DIP or SMD modules are used that reproduce image. Based on our experience, DIP diodes (1R1G1B pixel) are more stable in brightness (more slowly lose their brightness in course of time, less prone to fading) than SMD (1RGB pixel). However, the service life in hours, according to the manufacturers, at these types of diodes is identical and is at least 100 000 hours.

It is important to note that when using SMD diode, an image at a LED screen is more pleasing to the human eye, and is viewed from a smaller distance than at using DIP diodes, and SMD has a wider viewing angle in the vertical 140? (110?) versus 90 ? (60?) at DIP.

Due to the fact that advertising supersite (Digital supersite) it is the object of outdoor advertising, its placement and appearance must be negotiated with the planning Committee of city and other officials. It is very important that advertising LED supersite is to correspond to the law on advertising and organically fit into the architectural appearance of the town.

The company «Media facade» manufactures all products (led modules, blocks of media facades and video pixels) in its own production in China, Shenzhen. Production workshop in Russia allows for assembly of finished products of any complexity for subsequent shipment to the customer. Also, the manufacturing company «Media facade», can perform any task on "turnkey" basis - from goods supply up to installation and commissioning works.

Specialists of our company will always help and support in any issue and help to choose the right solution for the problem. To contact the specialists, you can dial the free number in Russia +7 (499) 703-05-04, to submit a request to email or write in the online chat.

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